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Abdul Gani Phoplonker was born in, and still resides in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa.baboo 1

With his father dying at the age of 26, and he being only three months old at the time, his days of youth was punctuated with uncertainty and loneliness. His mother and stepfather, of whom he had fond memories, moved home frequently and he attended no less then four different primary schools in his first twelve years of life. Baboo as AG Phoplonker is fondly known throughout South Africa experienced much hardship in his early years as a teenager. Circumstances forced him to leave school while only in the ninth grade, but this in no way deterred his voracious appetite for reading.

In his early years not being able to afford books he frequented book shops and libraries. Perhaps the kind of life he experienced in his early years forced him to look at people and life in a different way. His life also proves that you don’t always need a formal education to succeed in life, for success comes in different guises and your type of character plays a major role. Baboo’s character is what probably sets him apart. From the age of fifteen he started to set his life’s goals, and as his many friends have verified, he has achieved every one of them.

His first goal was to read three thousand books in order to know as much as possible; he has read over five thousand.

His second was to travel to at least ten cities of the world in order to learn the traditions of others and experience some of the places in the books he has read; he has travelled to more than one hundred.

He always wanted to write his own book; He ended up writing an absolutely great book helping thousands of people in the process.

He has two sons and three daughters, all of them University graduates, and all of them having achieved very high grades throughout their school lives, and they will attest, to his method of encouragement.

But perhaps one his best achievements is the fact that despite starting off his business life with more than one million Rand in debt, in 1973, and with only nine thousand rand in assets he not only managed pay back every single cent but in the process, and against all odds built a very successful business, and in the process gaining the respect of many of his creditors and friends.

The experiences he had, his study of human nature, and his love for the mysteries of particle physics, together with his unique character, a character that at times appears hard and intolerant but as you get to know him ,you find that its an impatience born out of doing as much as possible in the shortest time possible.

Baboo is a teacher at heart he loves to share knowledge and firmly believes in the power of applied knowledge. It is an absolute pleasure to experience his lectures; the passion he has is contagious to the extreme, and he has that unique ability to make everyone at his lectures feel special.

His travels have taken him far and wide, and supported by the thousands of books he has read, he is according to those that know him extremely knowledgeable, yet unassuming, a most exciting person to be with. He loves all kinds of music, from Indian to English, from classical to slow modern.

He loves movies and watches at least two movies a week. Although you would not hear this from him, it is common knowledge that he has helped many people in different ways, and has contributed to the success of many more.

His book is a must read for all that aspire to greatness.

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